Masters of Engineering is a collaboration between the study associations of the three engineering studies of the University of Groningen: Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management. They represent three very different fields of science that share a lot of common ground. With this in mind the three associations joined forces to create an event for master students and PhDs with a topic that excites participants from all three disciplines.

Unlike previous years, this year a symposium will be organized where multiple companies will give a talk. The theme is 'Explore Energy', focusing on technical challenges that come with the transition to a society functioning on sustainable energy resources. Think of storage of wind and solar energy both on a large and small scale, smart grids, etc.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday the 7th of December 2016 at Het Heerenhuis. The day starts at 11:00 and ends with an informal reception at 16:30. The whole event will be free of charge, including a luxury lunch. During this lunch and the break you can get in touch with the attending companies.